How to stop foot odour

Vintage Sneaker" by winnond

The medical name for foot odour is known as bromodosis,

Smelly feet are a common problem that can occur at anytime of the year. Anyone can get smelly feet and it can be embarrassing and unpleasant for you and people around you.

The feet have more sweat glands than any other part of the body. Socks and shoes can prevent sweat from evaporating or being absorbed, which in-turn attracts bacteria. This bacteria cause sweat to smell bad.
If the sweat stays on the body it can encourage bacteria and fungi (which can lead to athlete’s foot) to grow. The smell is caused by the bacteria in the sweat.

To keep foot odour at bay, wash feet at least once a day and dry carefully between the toes. Wear clean socks made from at least 70% cotton or wool. Alternate shoes daily to allow them to dry out. If odour persists try an antibacterial soap. We use Odaban here at Howlett & Dickinson.

Do not be embarrassed come and see us here at the practice, remember we have see it all and are here to help you.