Great North Run Preperation

gnr-2013 copyIf you are  new to running, before you start any event you need the right trainers.

Here at Howlett and Dickinson we can help by telling you what foot type you are and if you need a biomechanical assessment and gait analysis we do this using our RS scan technology

Once we have identified any problems  you can get your training shoes from a specialist running shop.I use start fitness, they have lots of choice and sell Brooks running shoes which suit me.
When you have purchased your trainers a quick phone call to us tell us the size of the shoes and the manufacturer we can then make the orthotics if necessary.

It’s very important to get the right socks too as these can cause no end of problems. I used to use thurlos but now find 1000 mile cotton socks the best.

Once you actually start running build up gradually.


Start small, walk and run. Gradually build up to 1 mile.
Then think about a 5k which is approx 3 miles. You can always do a parkrun which are organised 5k runs on a Saturday morning at 9am. Google parkrun it will tell you where your nearest one is.

Once you get comfortable at this distance thing about a 10k. There’s lots of these around.

If I where you I would intersperse my running with other things. It does get a little boring just running so  swim, cycle, walk or Pilates anything that’s keeps you moving!

Don’t do anything if you are injured!!

Varying training and varying the speed is good for you.

I run in between lamp posts  a couple fast then one slow this is called Fartlek Run up hills and jog slowly down. This is tough but you can cut down the distance because you are increasing the resistance. It helps to build up your stamina. The Great North Run is mostly on an incline!!

Eating the right food is important its the fuel you need to move.

Before I do a half Marathon I eat porridge with berries chopped nuts and honey.

I have to eat 2 hrs before I run.

The day of the run you will need some energy gels or energy jelly beans. It’s best to take them before you get too tired. I like to take mine after about 5k and then after 10k and take an extra one with you just incase. You might flag after 15k. Drink plenty of water before the run and during. The gels are v sweet so you need water to wash them down.

I do the Great North Run most years , I love the atmosphere especially when you get to South Shields, that last mile along the sea front is great.

The spectators keep you going, maybe put your name on your T shirt. When they shout your name it spurs you on.

When you’ve finished you can enjoy The Red Arrows display.