Feet for the elderly – Judith Dickinson’s Podiatry talk

Judith Dickinson podiatry talkOn Monday 23rd of November I(Judith) was asked to talk to the elderly Jewish Community at Gosforth Synagogue

I based my talk round feet for the elderly. I covered basic changes in feet due to the aging process i.e. nail cutting, corns and callous removal. What they could manage themselves and when to ask for help.

I showed them shoes and slippers designed to give plenty of support and socks with soft tops that don’t cut into swollen ankles and legs.

There were about 20 there. I also discussed deterioration due to arthritis and diabetes.

I only had 40 minutes which disappeared all too quickly.

I had taken many interactive items to show them how to do foot and ankle exercises and see if their own shoes fit. However I ran out of time so in the New Year I have been asked to return.

The feedback was very positive and lots of questions followed.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and the chocolates I was given were much appreciated, and also a donation to a charity of my choice which was St Oswald’s Hospice.

If you’d like us to come and deliver a podiatry talk to your business or organisation please get in touch.