Summer Feet

cracked-heelsExposing your feet in the summer after a long winter in enclosed shoes, boots and socks can be a bit daunting! Dry cracked heels, thick damaged toe nails, fungal nails, athlete’s foot, corns, hard skin and sweaty feet are just some of the conditions we have to contend with. Not the best look when sporting your summer sandals!

A routine podiatry appointment will address all of the above problems. Thick damaged toe nails can be reduced and tidied, Ureka and CCS cream can be applied to dry cracked heels and soles after the skin is removed. You can buy the cream from us here.

image003Damaged or fungal nails can be transformed with our Wilde Pedique cosmetic nail enhancement, giving you a “normal” toe nail for up to 8 weeks,  the nails can be treated as normal toe nails, painted with nail varnish which can be  removed with nail varnish remover and they can even be trimmed like real nails. Check out the link for more information.


If you normally wear supportive shoes with orthotics (insoles) for the majority of the day, and find sandals uncomfortable, why not try our Vasyli Orthotic Sandals?


The features of these sandals are:

Built in Medical grade orthotic footbed.
• 4 degree rearfoot correction.
• Lightweight construction.
• Slip resistant outsole.
• EVA moulded mid sole with deep heel cup.
• 1st MPJ drop zone incorporated into the plantar outsole.

These sandals offer a solution to enhance orthotic treatment for patients when not wearing their shoes and orthotics.
These are available to buy from the practice or here

Foot problems are often seasonal. In the summer months, especially this year with the unusual high temperatures, feet can suffer from a number of heat related problems, such as maceration between the toes caused by excessive sweating and not drying between the toes before putting shoes and socks on. Maceration is often confused with athlete’s foot, a fungal infection of the skin. Maceration is just waterlogged skin, which looks white and soggy between the toes. Athlete’s foot is a contagious fungal infection, which forms on the skin between the toes and in the arch of the foot, and appears as a red rash with spots, blisters and itchiness. This can be easily treated with a fungicidal ointment called Lamisil.  Buy here

Why not book a routine appointment and give your feet an overhaul for the summer!