Six things to look for when choosing a new pair of golf shoes

ecco-tour-hybrid-shoes1.    Get measured on a Brannock, the universal foot-measuring device will tell you your true size.

2.     Socks wear the same thickness and number of pairs as you do when playing.

3.     Measure both feet most people have small differences between left and right feet. If the differences are great, opt for the larger size.

4.     Watch the widths most people believe they are medium, but the reality is over 40% are not. Go up on your toes and look for excess leather. Too much breaking or bunching of the   leather in the forefoot is a sign your foot is not filling the volume of the shoe and that shoe may be too wide.

5.     Listen for the “whoosh” if your shoes fit properly, you’ll hear a noise as you slide the foot in. This is all the air escaping the shoe. If it is too big there’s excess air inside and no noise.

6.     Rule of thumb you should be able to put your thumb between the sides of the shoe over the laces. If you can pull them so tight you can’t fit your thumb in, the shoe may be too big.

 These shoes were voted best in the Todays Golfer Magazine in a shoes test carried out at Greetham Valley Golf Club Rutland, where 20 pairs of shoes were tested. the Ecco Tour Hybrid shoes were found to have comfort, traction, flexibility and a classy look all at the same time.

Today’s Golfer issue 308