Optimal efficiency, extreme durability, supreme stability

Howlett & Dickinson are pleased to announce that we are able to offer our patients 3D-printed Phits™ – which are the first & only 3D print orthotics based on dynamic Gait scanning.

Phits™ revolutionary orthotics are the result of unique cutting edge technology. Using the patented dynamic footscan® technology and biomechanical measurements, we analyse your gait.

Using this dynamic analysis, we generate a design which is then created by a 3-D-printer.

The result? A dynamic, 3D-printed orthotic which takes into account the shape of your foot, but also supports the different pressure zones and guides your gait in the right direction. The last feature is only possible with the patented Phits™ 3D-printed structures.

Phits™ are a solution for any type of shoe; regular shoes, running shoes, safety shoes, there are even Phits™ that fit cycling shoes and soccer or football shoes.

Our podiatrists have undertaken extensive training to become Phits™ certified experts.

Watch Carol and Judith’s video for more information.

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