Rugby Players – Keep Your Feet healthy & Sport’s Injury free

Any injuries may be gait related and need a Bio Mechanical Assessment, which we now do using the RSSCAN Footscan System.

This equipment produces comprehensive analysis for pressure and force, gait and balance.

The footscan plate gives Bio Mechanical breakdowns of all areas under the foot and can even assess metatarsal (ball of foot) loading information as well as static (standing) and dynamic (moving) breakdown.

If orthoses are required a cast is taken and sent to the lab with our prescription and the resultant data is used to manufacture orthoses to exact specifications.

Ideal for Rugby players where balance, weight distribution and speed is essential.

NOW back to basics before we move on to actual sports injuries.

First off don’t leave those rugby boots in your bag all dirty, smelly and wet.   This is an ideal growing area for fungus.  Give them a bit of fresh air and remember to wash your socks!!

The feet themselves need a bit of TLC too!

Wash every day.

If the skin is moist use surgical spirit  especially between the toes.  If it’s dry and cracked use an emollient such as CCS or Epaderm.  No powder, it blocks the pores and makes you sweat more.

Keep the nails short,  Cut straight across and file if necessary.

If you have a fungal infection use antifungal sprays, they tend to work quicker

If corns or calllous appear have this removed by a podiatrist.

Common Sports Injuries.

If you get any injuries a podiatrist can treat most of them from the lower limb down.

These include:  Plantar fasciitis, lliotibial Band Syndrome, Achilles problems, knee, ankle and foot problems.

Don’ forget some lower back problems are due to bad posture, which can affect performance.

A Bio Mechanical assessment only takes an hour.  It could be one of the best things you ever do.