Party Feet

With only 7 weeks to Christmas, It’s that time of year where our feet take a bit more of a hammering! As with everything related to Christmas things start happening earlier and earlier every year. Christmas parties are starting to get into full swing, Christmas shopping is well under way for many of us, some of us take pre Christmas holidays and some of us start Christmas Spring cleaning and decorating, if the TV adverts are anything to go by! So what do all these things have in common? Well one thing is our feet! Without feet we can’t do any of these things easily!Partying involves dressing up and party shoes are not the most comfortable, standing and dancing are painful activities in fashion shoes.


Shopping for Christmas often involves hours of wandering around the shops carrying heavy bags, resulting in tired aching feet.
Cleaning and redecorating involves moving furniture, using ladders and being on our feet, often after a hard days work.
Holidays can be active where we may be walking, skiing or lying in the sun. The former means that you feet are going to be in constant use, the latter means your feet are going to be on show!
So, what can you do to get your feet safely through the festive period?
Firstly we always recommend that for the majority of your day, that is 6-8 hours, you Wearthe most comfortable footwear you can, a shoe that has a strap or a lace with a thicker sole and heel height no higher than an inch and a half. This applies to everyone whether you work or not, go to school or university, you need to wear supportive footwear. Make sure the toe box is wide enough and deep enough to accommodate your toes without squashing them from the sides or the top.
If you attend meetings etc where you feel you need to look smarter take those court shoes with you and put them on just for that meeting, and when back at your desk change back to your comfortable ones. Thus applies to those of you who walk to work. Wear your comfortable shoes or trainers to go to work and change when you giet there

image.Christmas shopping means to me, trainers or walking shoes on my feet. Gone are the days where I as a child and my mother were dressed up to go to town! Now it’s comfort first! How far do you walk when shopping? Recently my pedometer told me I had walked 4 miles round town. If I asked you to walk 4 miles along the road would you wear your heeled court shoes? Yes I hear some of you cry! But most of us would probably put our trainers on. Or comfortable walking shoes, so do that when shopping in town!
It’s the same for working at home, cleaning and decorating. Don’t wear you sloppy slippers, get your trainers or supportive shoes on. Lots of people associate sore feet with wearing soft, sloppy, comfy footwear, but it is the opposite that helps, firm, supportive shoes with straps or laces are best.

On a walking, sight seeing or activity holiday, footwear is key. Make sure you have trained if you are wearing new walking boots, it is important to get the right socks too. Don’t buy new boots and wear them the first time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro! The same applies to new trainers. In warmer climates, walking sandals are ideal. They tend to be waterproof, lots of straps to hold them on, strong supportive soles, and open to allow feet to be cool. They are suitable for beach or hill walking.

What can we do as podiatrists to help your feet through the Christmas period?
If you already have problems such as thick, damaged nails that are difficult to cut, or corns or callouses, have those treated before the holiday season gets into gear , so you can have more comfortable foot festivities!
Sports injuries such as sprains or strains, heel pain, bunion pain, shin pain can all be addresses by us in the surgery. There is nearly always something we can do to help. And, remember, most sore feet are caused by inadequate footwear!
If you are lounging on a beach over Christmas, then a routine treatment is all you need. Your nails will be cut and tidied, any hard or dry skin reduced. Even damaged thick, ugly nails can be given a cosmetic Wilde Pedique nail enhancement that will last for 6 weeks.


Problems with your feet when hiking or skiing, may benefit from a gait analysis and prescriptive orthotics (insoles). So whatever you problem come in to Howlett & Dickinson before Christmas and have a consultation and treatment.
You can also take the opportunity to buy some Christmas stocking fillers with our Dr’s Remedy nail polishes and products. Dr’s Remedy is the best alternative nail care line for anyone who wants beautiful looking nails and wants to AVOID formaldehyde resin, toluene and DBP’s. Remedy is Vegan friendly and contains a range of organic ingredients in its special formulation. The first and only nail polish to receive The American Podiatric Medical Association seal of approval.

So make an appointment and get your feet ready for the Christmas festivities!