The Richie Brace

The Richie Brace is used to treat a wide variety of foot and ankle pathologies, such as Drop Foot, Adult Acquired Flatfoot Deformity, Lateral Ankle Instability & Ankle & Subtalar Degenerative Joint Disease.

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Warm Wax Therapy

Why not upgrade your podiatry treatment & experience a Therapeutic Warm Wax Therapy Treatment? What are the benefits? Paraffin wax heat therapy increases blood flow, tolerance for pain, relaxes muscles and increases hydration in the skin. Intended to moisturise and soften the skin while providing a therapeutic and healing effect to sore and aching joints….

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Low Level Laser for Foot Problems

Podiatric laser therapy employs low power or “soft” laser light to aid the natural healing process of the body safely and effectively. It has been used for over 30 years and is widely available in the medical field for treatment of pain, wound healing and musculoskeletal conditions.

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